Pumps can be a cause of power steering system failures, CSA carries an extensive range of power steering pumps such as TRW, Vicker, Materis, Bosch, ZF and Luk.

As there are many variations in the pump specification the part number from the ID tag on the unit will ensure correct replacement.

PS Series

The PS series pump is the only commercial pump with six inlet/outlet hose mounting options. It is also the only pump that allows the mounting flange to be rotated in 90-degree increments. The PS series from TRW. Commonly fitted to American Trucks, Kenworth.


Genuine ZF pumps are stocked at CSA. Commonly fitted to European Trucks, Volvo.


CSA also stocks genuine Vickers pumps. Commonly fitted to American trucks.


For non stock items CSA can usually offer an overhaul to your existing steering pump.